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Frequently asked questions about replacing and restoring convertible tops.

  1. The bindings around the edges of my top are coming off , can you re-stitch them?    We cannot repair the stitching in most cases , by the time this happens the top is probably pretty old and dry rotting. It needs to be replaced.
  2. Why do I need to replace my rear glass? Can't you reuse the one I have?  On many models the glass is laminated into a separate curtain underneath the top itself. You can only see a small portion of this, once the cloth has deteriorated or separated from the glass, it is no longer use able. We always suggest that they be replaced as a pair.
  3. The glass in my cloth top has come loose ,can this just be re-glued?   This is becoming a very common problem.  It is our experience that if this occurs it might be able to be fixed if just a few inches or so is de-laminated from the top. If a large portion of the window has failed ,our opinion is to replace the top for several reasons. First, one of the main causes of this is because the top material is shrinking due to age & weather,this can happen in cars that are less than five years old, it is very difficult to get the window back in the correct position. Two, we would need to remove the top from the car in most cases to try & re-glue it, our attempts to do this have all failed in a matter of months if not sooner. The labor is the same whether it is a new top or reinstalling the old one. We do not see this as money well spent. 
  4. My plastic window is fogged up and or cracking , can you replace my plastic window?  In many cases the plastic window can be replaced with good results, Mazda Miatas are a good example.  However, some models are very labor intensive and it may not be wise to put an old top back on. We will give you all the options and let you decide what is best .
  5. How long will I need to leave my car?  Most late model cars can be done in a day or two. Older cars that need mechanical or frame repairs would take longer.
  6. My top is not working properly , will a new top fix this?  We will check your top for proper operation , if there is a problem with the top not operating properly we will provide a complete estimate of what will be required for the top to function correctly. Every top we replace gets a complete inspection of the frame & lubrication of all movable joints to assure many years of trouble free service. This can also find a potential problem.
  7. Water is leaking into my car , will a new top fix this?  Many times a new top will solve a water leak, but not always. Plugged drains, worn weatherstrips or numerous other problems can cause a leak. It is always helpful to know if there is a problem such as this so we can take the time to identify the cause and get it fixed the first time.